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Dr. Charles A. Acosta

Teaching and Research at NKU

Dr. Charles A. Acosta
Associate Professor
Phone: 859-572-5300
Office: SC346
Lab: SC161

Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099 USA



My research is focused on population and community ecology, with applications to conservation biology in both marine and freshwater ecosystems. NKU undergraduate students conduct independent field research projects in Belize and other locations.
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I take an integrative approach to teaching the biological sciences, drawing from multiple disciplines including mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, and philosophy. I encourage students to take quantitative courses in science and mathematics to prepare themselves for life and work in modern science. I am a strong advocate of students becoming involved in field or laboratory research early in their education so that they are well prepared for careers in scientific investigation. I believe that learning is most effective by doing and that this brings an effective measure of fun to education. My goal is to provide students with comprehensive understanding of theoretical and applied biology, to expose students to cutting-edge research initiatives, and to inspire intelligent inquiry and creative synthesis. I believe in the modified adage "Ignorance is NOT bliss".


Courses that I teach: Click on links for overview, syllabus, and other content information.

Course Number  Course Title
BIO460 Introduction to Marine Science - Syllabus; Marine Science field trips to Chesapeake Bay
BIO 409 Biogeography - Syllabus
BIO 410 Conservation Biology - Syllabus
BIO 301  Invertebrate Zoology - Syllabus
BIO 291W/ENV291W
Biological Literature and Research - Syllabus
BIO 241
BIO 123 Human Ecology - Syllabus
BIO 150L & 151L Introduction to Biology Laboratory



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